Backpacker Jobs Christchurch

  • Chef De Parte

    dux dine riccaton/city center,  ChristchurchJob posted: 13th November 2015
  • Dairy Farm Assistant

    Alpro Farms Dunsandel,  ChristchurchJob posted: 29th April 2015
  • Casual Bar Staff

    Christchurch Football Club  Mariheau ,  ChristchurchJob posted: 1st March 2015

Backpacker Jobs in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch has gone through a lot in the last few years after the big earthquake on March 11th, 2011, and the following earthquakes (there have been hundreds of smaller earthquakes). The city is still undergoing re-construction works, but tourism is picking up again. There are various memorials to mark the loss that happened during the earthquake, like the 185 chairs, with each chair standing for one loss of life. If you are a qualified constructor, carpenter, or work in some other building related job, then you might find a well-paid job in Christchurch. Other travellers can apply for seasonal jobs on dairy farms, fruit farms, or try to snatch one of the jobs in the hospitality sector.

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