How do I delete my job ad?

You need to login to your account to edit or delete any job vacancies. This management dashboard is a new feature to Backpacker Job Board. If you posted your vacancy to the old job board, we have automatically created an account for you. All you need to do is complete the reset password form to create a new password.

Why has my job vacancy not been posted?

All job vacancies are must been manually approved by our moderation team prior to going live. Please be patient. During busy periods this may take a little longer to approve. We generally moderate all vacancies within 24 hours.

Here are some of the reasons where your job vacancy may not get approved:

  • The vacancy is a duplicate
  • The vacancy is not relevant to a backpacker on a working holiday visa
  • The vacancy is not genuine. All vacancy titles must be the job title advertised. Vague job vacancies will not be posted.
  • The vacancy wasn't descriptive enough
  • The vacancy is sex industry related, inappropriate or explicit
  • The vacancy is spam
  • You are a competitor job board