Backpacker Jobs Waikato

Backpacker Jobs in Waikato, New Zealand

Waikato is the region that is home to New Zealand's longest river: The mighty Waikato. Note, however, that the longest navigable river is the Whanganui River. Waikato is also home to the Maori King (which some Maori accept, and some don't as Maori traditionally do not have kings and queens). Hamilton is the main city in Waikato, and a good base to explore the area as there are plenty of buses. Hobbit fans should go to visit Matamata – better known as home of Hobbiton!It is a beautiful spot, and you will feel like you actually are in the Shire.

There are plenty of seasonal jobs all-year round. You can work on a dairy farm, plant and/or pick asparagus, strawberries, kiwifruit and apples.

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