Backpacker Jobs Taranaki

    Backpacker Jobs in Taranaki, New Zealand

    Taranaki is often overlooked by visitors, as the usual route takes people through the centre of the North Island. The locals, however, know that Taranaki is one of their treasures. New Plymouth, the biggest city in Taranaki, has been voted the best place to live in New Zealand, and has also been judged as the best small city in the world. It is a fantastic place with one of New Zealand's most beautiful mountains (Taranaki, who the whole area is named after), fantastic black sand beaches that you'll often only share with seagulls, a first-class museum/visitor centre, and lots of stunning walkways. There is a variety of jobs in the area, however, the local competition will be strong, as there are many students around who also look for work, and long-term placements are preferred. Backpacker hostels, however, will often have seasonal jobs available.

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