About Us

Backpacker Job Board is an employment website established in 2010. It was founded by Matthew Heyes, who built the site while on a working holiday in Australia.

Backpacker Job Board headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia.

Matt, having studied at The University of Leeds' School of Computing, put his skills to good use crafting a platform that benefits backpackers and employers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Backpacker Job Board: NZ logo
Backpacker Job Board: NZ logo

Fast-forward to today and Backpacker Job Board is owned by Five Bees Media Pty Ltd (ABN: 70 631 879 546).

In 2015, our New Zealand dedicated site, Backpacker Job Board: NZ was launched at backpackerjobboard.co.nz.

Backpacker Job Board NZ helps connect backpackers and employers in a wide range of sectors from agriculture, construction, hospitality, sales and marketing. Furthermore, the site also benefits small businesses, hobby farms and busy families with our cultural help exchange opportunities, au-pair jobs and voluntary sector.

Backpacker Job Board has a commitment to kindness and inclusivity. As such, our carefully curated Code of Conduct is something we are especially proud of. 

In 2019, Backpacker Job Board was nominated for an award in the Innovation category at the Adventure Tourism Awards.

Please contact us for permission to use the Backpacker Job Board logo.


If you need an expert quote or comment source for an upcoming article, feel free to contact our founder, Matthew Heyes via LinkedIn. He is available to comment on all working holiday visa and backpacker related issues.