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The Backpacker Job Board reserves the right to remove job vacancies and delete accounts if it is believed that the account holder has provided wrong or misleading information.

As website owners, we have the right to change the terms and conditions anytime. We decide which information is displayed on the Backpacker Job Board website. In addition, we reserve the right to remove any vacancy or information if it does not comply with NZ law or it does not meet our terms and conditions.

All job vacancies are manually approved by our moderation team prior to going live. Please be patient. During busy periods this may take a little longer to approve. We generally moderate all vacancies within 24 hours.

Please note that we in no way can guarantee the legitimacy of employers and job vacancies on our job board. We encourage all applicants to exercise caution when contacting employers. You are wholly responsible for your own safety and the security of your belongings. You can find more information on how best to stay safe online here.

Not all job vacancies will be posted on our job board. Here are a few of the reasons why vacancies will not be approved. Please note, we do not offer any refunds for featured job vacancies which do not meet our guidelines.

Here are some of the reasons where your job vacancy may not get approved:

  • The vacancy is a duplicate
  • The vacancy is not relevant to a backpacker on a working holiday visa
  • The vacancy is not genuine.
  • All vacancy titles must be the job title advertised.
  • Vague job vacancies will not be posted.
  • The vacancy wasn't descriptive enough
  • The vacancy is sex industry related, inappropriate or explicit. This includes vacancies for strippers, models, bikini waitresses and 'masseuse'.
  • The vacancy is spam
  • The vacancy category requires applicants to pay a fee
  • You have posted your vacancy in the wrong category
  • You are a competitor job board


Any request for refund of fees must be made in email within 14 days of making payment. Refund requests will be considered by management. However, there is no guarantee that refunds will be consented. Please be aware of this when featuring your job post. If you vacancy does not comply with our terms and conditions then we will not guarantee a successful refund.

Unsuitable Job Vacancies / Scams

All job vacancies on our website are manually approved by our moderation team. However, we are unable to 100% guarantee the legitimacy of employers on our job board. We rely on the feedback of our users to ensure that any suspicious vacancies are removed as soon as possible. We will endeavour to do what we can to make sure job vacancies on our job board are from legitimate NZ employers.


Nothing in these terms shall limit our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or the negligence of our agents or employees. You agree not to hold us responsible for things other users post or do.

We are not involved in the actual transactions between our site users; job seekers, applicants and employees. As most of the content on this website comes from other users, we do not guarantee the accuracy of postings or user communications or the quality, safety, or legality of what's offered.

In no event do we accept liability of any description for the posting of any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent information, or material of any kind which violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law.

We cannot guarantee continuous, error-free or secure access to our services or that defects in the service will be corrected.

We will comply with the police or the Fair Work Ombudsman to share information on request. This may include archived job ad details.