How can I find a job in New Zealand from overseas?

How can I find a job in New Zealand from overseas?

New Zealand is not only one of the most scenic and breathtaking countries in the world, but it is also incredibly welcoming to travellers and backpackers looking to work.

There are plenty of different types of jobs that you could expect to work while in New Zealand, and there are things that you can do to give yourself a competitive advantage before you even get here. Here are seven tips to help you find a job in New Zealand from overseas.

1. Get your resume up-to-date

Depending on your home country, the standard resume format could be surprisingly different from what you are used to, so make sure your resume is correctly formatted for New Zealand jobs to make sure that you stand out. Similarly, make sure that you have a great cover letter that can be tweaked easily with the different types of roles that you apply for. Your resume and cover letter should always be relevant for the job you’re applying for, so keep that in mind when you’re on the hunt.

2. Make sure your professional profiles are up-to-date

New Zealanders are big users of LinkedIn, so if you are looking for a corporate role of any kind, it is going to be important that your profile is appealing to prospective employers. That means that all of your previous roles are listed, with connections and recommendations from those roles if possible. One of the first things employers will see on your profile is your professional headshot, so make it a particular focus when doing your profile to take a professional photo. It can be a little tricky when you are travelling but remember, all you really need is a nice blazer, which you can get at a second-hand-shop if you’re on a serious budget.

3. Research what industries you can work in across different regions of New Zealand

If you are looking for an office job, your best bet will be cities like Auckland or Wellington, but there are all types of jobs around New Zealand depending on what you want to do and what you’re good at. There is also a lot of seasonal work in New Zealand, like fruit harvesting in the Bay of Plenty during the spring months, and work on the ski slopes in Queenstown during the winter, so if you want to be less tied down and be able to move more freely around the country, seasonal work is a great option. You can read more about seasonal harvesting jobs in New Zealand and how they work.

4. Take a short course to get qualified in New Zealand

If you already have most of the skills to work in certain industries like construction or hospitality, you may still be able to work in those industries with a little bit of extra training. If you are planning to go to New Zealand to work, you can undertake these short courses online which means that when you get there, you will be in a great position to secure a job.

5. Learn a skill before you land

If you are new to the job market or you are just looking for a change, then there are plenty of courses that you can undertake in your home country to prepare you for work anywhere. Things like barista courses or first aid training could give you a competitive edge in the job market, and mean that you will have much less trouble finding work before you even touch down in New Zealand.

6. Send out some emails or messages

This is where your LinkedIn profile could come in very handy. You can start to build up a network even before you get here, then, once you are getting closer to coming over, you could send out some messages expressing your interest in working with the company and introducing yourself. You could also send out a similar sentiment over email, and the extra effort that it takes to do that could open a lot of doors for when you arrive.

7. Register with Backpacker Job Board

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to traveller and backpacker jobs across New Zealand, the best place to be is on Backpacker Job Board. You can make a profile, update it with all of your relevant work experience, and apply for different types of jobs in New Zealand. The best part is that we understand the nature of backpacking, and want you to get to see as much of our beautiful country as possible, which is why all of our jobs are perfect for travellers and backpackers. Backpacker jobs vary and include bar jobs, fruit picking, office work, hotel and hostel work, restaurant and cafe work to labouring and trade roles. Browse through our categories or even take a look at what job vacancies we have near you.

New Zealand is a famously welcoming country and allows travellers to work for at least 12 months, depending on where you’re from. New Zealand’s economy in fact relies on working holiday visa holders for many jobs, so it is easy to get many types of jobs, primarily fruit picking, hospitality, and other seasonal industries. That being said, there is a wide range of options for jobs in New Zealand. Office workers are in high demand in the cities, as are retail staff. If you have a particular background or skill set, you will most likely be able to find a job in New Zealand where you can use your skills. Just do your research and be prepared before you come over!